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M-109A3 GN Wheatering in progress

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Hello everybody


Today I want to present my finished build of the Norwegian M-109A3 GN. I started this project last year during my vacation around Christmas. I had to wait for parts to continue my Leopard 1A5 BE build and that's the reason I started this new project. I got the idea while I was browsiing the prime portal website where I found almost all the reference pictures for my build. The kit was an old inaccurate model which was collecting dust  :) The pics at prime portal, waiting for parts, and this nice model collecting dust where the ideal mix for a new project.

Let 's cut the chat and move on to some pics shall we?? (Beware it's a load of pics it may take a while)


The vehicle as it is used in the Norwegian artillery battalions:





The kit from revell:



The state of the model:



After the cleanup = Major tank surgery :D The red arrows point to parts that had to be removed and holes that had to be filled:



The turrets different stages:








The beginning of the hull:




So it ends hear for now  :P The rest will follow within a few minutes


Cheers Roel

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So here goes for the next load of pics.


The finished model:














Everything on the model which does not have the original dark green colour is scratch build. PE used is from left overs and I used some evergreen. That's all for now :) I must add that I am missing the right mirror :( Let's say they boys are waiting for a new one. Comments sugestions ideas are welcome. Please let me know what you think that is always of great help :)


Then I want to say a very special word of thanks to Erik Torp and Erik Hagen from the IMPS Norge Forum for all there help!!!


Thanks for viewing

Greetings Roel

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Hello Fellow Scandinavian modellers


Thanks for all the comments so far :praise:.

@ Sverre and Kyrre: Yes I will do the multi camo scheme. It would be a pitty to do the vehicle completely green with so much detail. It almost screams for the Multicolour camo.


@Martin: Thank you!


@Einar: I lost count off all the hours :( I started last year during Christmas holiday. Worked almost every saturday and sunday afternoon on it and during the week when I had time.


@ Jens Hakon: I made the licence plate as follow:take a small piece off PE or aluminium foil. The numbers are taken from the sprues off the kit. Every part has a number those are perfect  :P :P The real licence plate has it numbers stamped in. It has  a little bit off relief that is how I got the idea.


Thanks All


Grtz Roel

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I have started testing and spraying some paint on the model. I only had the guts to try the hull first so  :(  Not such a big update. The light green and Black are on. I hope to spray the darkgreen tomorrow. Need to let the paint dry first before I tear off the paint with the masking tape. The light green looks lighter on the pictures as in real.


The pics:





Grtz Roel

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@ Sverre: Thanks for the comment  :P



While I have a lot of time this weak (I'm on leave  ;D ) I had a nice afternoon of cut and paste work and offcourse spraying the next colour on the hull. I added the dark green today. I hope to spray the light brown tommorrow and then the hull will be finished. Then it's on to the turret :)


The first pic shows the result off 1,5 hour of cutting and pasting masking tape:



And the hull after paint apply:




Comments or suggestions are welcome as always.


Grtz Roel

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It has been a while since I have posted any progress. I have been really busy the past months and I had not much time to do some modelling. But I have continued the project and this is the update. Since the last post the turret has been painted, the light green was made a tone darker to make it look better it did not satisfy me enough. And last of all the hull has been given a wash with oil paints. With the help of a friend of mine who watches me closely  *o*






Comments are welcome


Grtz Roel

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Hello Guys


I wanted to share some new pics of the wheatering stages on my M-109A3 GN. I have finished the pinwash on the hull and drybrushed it completely. Now I have started the pinwashes on the turret. When that is finished it will also get a dry brush. You can still see the differances between the hull and turret.  After the hull and the turret are on the same level of weathering we will start with the dust.


The pics:


The hull:






The turret:



Please share your comments.


Thanks for viewing

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