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  1. It is not allowed to discuss "war and peace and politics and such". The boundary of what is politics is of course shifting, but party politics is definitely five (derogatory) mention of others on religious or ethnic grounds as well. We trust that people understand what falls under the ban, and the administrator reserves the right to censor posts without notice. However, if you are working on such discussions, we recommend http://politiskforum.no. There is a reporting feature in the forum if someone thinks the administrator is not watching or you are dissatisfied with something. If you are dissatisfied with something, send a PM to the administrator rather than start a discussion about the discussion on the forum. If you are dissatisfied with the administrator, you complain to the board of IPMS Norway.

  2. The forum is non-commercial. This means that forum users are free to brag unrestrictedly on the products and dealers they use, while dealers are not given the opportunity to advertise themselves. The marketplace is therefore also primarily for purchases, sales, donations between private individuals, but dealers are given the opportunity here to answer questions and announce news. All other sections are closed for commercial posts.

  3. Commercial players have been given their own places to share info with users, this is done in the "Dealers 'Corner" and "Manufacturers' Corner"

  4. All users who registrer must write their full name (no nicknames) and provide this if asked for. In this forum we use our real name. And thats final! Failure to do so just get your account deleted without notice!
    The user will be sent an email containing a special link they have to click to validate their account after which an administrator will need to manually approve the account from the Admin Control Panel.

  5. Posts that violate Norwegian law or encourage violations of Norwegian law will be removed without warning.

  6. In case of a lot of noise in a thread, which either breaks rules or the moderator is in doubt, the moderator can close the thread until he has the opportunity and time to look at this. When you have a job next to the hobby, spending time on the forum is not always justifiable. This is especially true during the day, but also during the holiday.

  7. Each user is responsible for keeping abreast of forum rules.

    And then some information about administrator practices:

    1. The forum is divided into a number of sections. Where your posts belong, we leave it to the individual to judge, but the administrator reserves the right to move a topic if they believe it is misplaced. The reference sections are e.g. only intended reference material, ie pictures of the actual examples. Pictures of models - ready or in the works - belong in the gallery.
    2. Administrator more or less follows everything. Even topics that don't interest an administrator.
    3. Administrator does not admit responsibility for any decrease in productivity at the building table (or in any other context) as a result of extensive use of this forum.

    General privacy policy for website and forum can be found here: https://www.ipmsnorge.org/om-ipms-norge/personvernregler/


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