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T33 Colour Scemes

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I am starting to gather information for my next RNoAF build. I intend to use the Hasegawa T33 kit and would like to know the differances between the U.S. version and that used by the RNoAF, also did they only carry a natural metal and day glo finish or is there another less well known sceme and if so what markings did they carry?


Many thanks for looking and your time


All the best



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These planes were standard USAF versions delivered under the MDAP programme. For the most part of the 50's, they were standard bare metal with a yellow and red checkerboard marking on the fin. The tip tanks carried red or yellow arrows depending on which flight the belonged to. One flight was responsible for training new pilots returning from flight schools in the US or Canada in Norwegian wx operations while the other was responsible for training and evaluating operational pilots to obtain and maintain their "Green Card", i.e. their instrument flying rating card.

At the time of my birth in November 1954, my father was an instructor on this latter flight. He has a photo of DP-S in flight with himself in the forward cockpit and a student under the hood in the aft. Tip tank arrows are red.


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A tad late, but thought I'd add something about the MB Seats. All norwegian jets that were retrofitted with MB seats, used some variant of the Mk. 5 Seat. The ones I worked on at the museum (including the one in the picture) were of the R, S and T sub model.


The S seat is out of a Sabrejet, the T was in a Thunderflash, so the unqualified guess could be that the R was in the T-33. This is unsubstantiated. As I write this I see the conection with the letters on some of them...


The only difference between the different models would be the height of the actual seat (very minor difference), and the pilots Life Support Connectors.




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Looks nice, Roger! Hmm... didn't actually know Xtradecal had a sheet out with RNoAF T-33. There you go.


They don't. It was called RNAF back in those days.  ;)


David Howley did the artwork for three decal sheets that contain markings for various T-33s. He asked me about information about the Norwegian colours and markings. Instead of describing this, I sent him a complete set of vectorized artwork so that it should be correct.


Nils  :)

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