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Beechcraft C-45/H-18/E-18 aircrafts with Norwegian registrations

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Dear colleagues !


I think, the Beechcraft C-45/H-18/E-18 Expeditor airplanes were, probably, used in Norwegian civil aviation.

I would like to know their registrations, owners, their fates. And I shall pleased to see any pictures of them.


Wait for the answers.


Best regards,


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Hi Eduard.


I know Bengt Stangvik of this forum knows alot about the aircraft. I also know that he doesn´t check this forum every day. if he shouldn´t answer you here in this thread, let me know, and I´ll give him a call and MAKE him log on. ;) I know he´ll be able to help you.

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There were three aircraft of that family registered in Norway

Beech AT-11/D 18



Beech D.18S (A-954) built in 1954

Previously  N270M / SE-CHA

Registered 11.02.64 to Nor-Fly AS, Hønefoss

License expired 30.06.73, stored at Eggemoen

Canceled 04.03.77 and broken up






Beech AT-11-BH Kansan (3696) built in 1942

Previously 42-37213 (USAAF) / NC52617 / N52617 / TF-BVB

Reg 27.04.61 Nor Flyselskap AS, Hønefoss

10.07.68 to AS Norrønafly, Fornebu

22.04.69 to Einar Zernichow, Oslo

29.04.69 emergency landing Gardermoen.

30.06.69 certificates expired

05.03.70 to Air Cargo Transport, Oslo

Canceled from register 29.01.73

Used for fire and rescue training at Gardermoen before broken up

I believe NFF secured an engine for the restoration of C-5 Polar from either BWN or TVE, so there is a piece of Beech in the Bodø museum. ;)




Beech D.18S (A-599) built in 1952

Previously N603D / SE-CHB

16.07.64 registered to Nor-Fly AS, Hønefoss

13.12.66 to Aircraft Trade AS, Fornebu

24.05.67 to AS Norrønafly, Fornebu

01.08.67 to Einar Zernichow, Oslo

22.04.69 to K.J.B. Staubo, Oslo,

30.06.69 license expired and stored Gardermoen

20.07.72 to Air Cargo Transport, Oslo (not used)

29.01.73 out of register as withdrawn from use.

Used for fire and rescue training at Gardermoen before broken up.



Not an important type in Norwegian aviation history, I think they were mainly used for flying newspapers from Oslo and charter flights.




Knut Erik



I am a bit surprised to see that two replies are posted within half an hour of the question being asked just to say that someone else might have the information - it can be useful to point towards persons if a question is left unanswered for a couple of days, but there should be no need to do it straight away.


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This is info I love as well. The Expeditor must be my favourite plane. That there was a Kansan in Norway as well give me some subject I might have to replicate.

If anyone finds any pictures of these, or if any would try to build models of any of these, I'm happy for any help with decals, as I'm not very handy at that area. wOOt

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