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Norwegian Bleriot XI

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There was only one Bleriot XI in Norwegian service:

Tryggve Grans Bleriot XI-2 Artillerie #794 was flown by him on behalf of the Armed Forces 1914-16.

The aircraft carried no markings except "crossed cockades" under Stbd. and Port wing.

In 1914 it flew with floatation bags fitted in the mid/aft fuselage - second picture.

A tank installed for the crossing was removed so they could fit a seat for an observer.


Some time before the flights in Northern Norway in the autumn 1915 did the aft part of the fuselage get covered up


The machine is now on display in Oslos Science Museum after a series of restorations with a set of "crossed cockades" underneath the wing - first picture. 


Covering that was stripped off durning the latest restoration is on display in Stavanger - last photo.


Getting hold of photos of Grans Bleriot XI is difficult, so I am not inclined to post original images here.

Further information on Tryggve Gran and his Bleriot XI in an article by me in "Newsletter for Warbirds of Norway" - 22.1

Øyvind Ellingsen has comissioned a flying replica from Koloman Mayrhofer and it might take to the air some time in 2009.




Knut Erik




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Dear sir Knut Erik Hagen !


Thank you very much for Your informative and detailed answer. The photos of Bleriot are very interesting and useful !


Answer me, please:

As I understood from Your reply, the upper wing surfaces of B-XI had not any insignia, isn't it ?


Wait for answer.


Thank You once again.





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I have been busy dealing with some rather aggressive turtles offshore India so no time to add to what I wrote initially:



Be aware of errors introduced during storage and restorations of the aircraft:

1. Black metal B (for Bleriot) on the cowling front is gone.


2. Horizontal tail is mounted the wrong way.


3. Supports for landing wires above the fuselage are not originals, the ones there now seem to have been in a hurry from whatever pieces of metal they had available.


4. Area behind cockpit is not correct for the crossing - it had been changed into a single seat machine with extra tanks.


5. Also - for the time of the crossing - add floatation bags.


Another photo taken before the flight from Scotland is attached, you can see the Norwegian flag attached to the rudder and that no markings are present on top of the wings.


Since the sun usually shines from above are markings underneath a wing less likely to be visible on the top than in the normal case of markings on the top surface being seen from the ground.




Knut Erik


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