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Has anyone any information on the Norwegan Navy's 80ft Elco PT boats from the 1950's?  I believe they were nos P950 to P959. I have one small picture of P956 in John Lambert's book on the Elcos but nothing else.  I am building one for R/C and it would be nice to have one which is not American.  I will meet any costs if necessary.  Many thanks, and appologies for my lack of Norwegan.  Jim Worner

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Sorry about not answering this request before now, but I am working offshore Ghana and have been too busy to sit down and look at anything but work.


There are a couple of Norwegian enthusiasts who have done much to document ships of the Royal Norwegian Navy, one of them (Frank Abelsen) has visited this forum a couple of times.  It should be possible to help you getting in touch with these guys.


One online resource is the homepage of the lead ship of the new class of MTBs which has a history page


Text is in Norwegian, but you have a picture of ELCO MTB 957 on


They state that ten ELCOs were transfered to the RNN in 1951


USN      Became KNM (Translated name)

PT-602  Snøgg  (Fast)

PT-603  Sel (Seal)

PT-604  Sild (Herring)

PT-605  Skrei (Cod)

PT-606  Snar (Speedy)

PT-608  Springer (Tumbler)

PT-609  Hai (Shark)

PT-610  Hauk (Hawk)

PT-611  Hval (Wale)

PT-612  Hvass (Sharp)



You could also try to contact the Navy Museum - Marinemuseet on mar-mus@online.no


I do have some books and other resources on RNN ships at home, drop me a line at knut.erik.hagen(at)eunet.no if you are still looking for information on the ELCOs and I will see what I can find when I get home towards the end of this month.




Knut Erik

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Guest bugace

So that it is, the two boats I saw at Leirvik harbour in the '70s. They was all ribbed down, and towed. No engine, or metal parts left. I was together with my father when I saw them, so it would probably be arround'72 '75, not later for sure. Remember I asked about the boats, and he could tell me some, but hardly enough. Norwegian soldiers called them "tre fjøler", wood planks, and was amazed about those big noisy engines.

For those interrested, those two was towed by a "Modern" MTB, maybe a Nasty class, for total destruction. The two Elcos was outside each other, and the Nasty outside them. Behind them was a Italian made hydrofoil, called "Teisten", a boat that actually could have outspeeded those MTB's, having reached 53 knots in nice weather.

Inside of the MTBs was a Cessna 206 from Fonna Fly(Planes), a norwegian air taxi company with it's base in Rosendal.


Now I probably have to build one as well.


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