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336 ecm equipped f-5Bs

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Hi There wonder if anyone can help i am trying to find pictures of former 336 sqn ecm equipped f-5Bs.I am after pictures of the us alq-176 ecm pod or the Norwegian alq-300electronic jamming pod.Iam after building a model kit of a F-5B i saw some years ago operating out of RAF Leeming here in England during an excercise called Brilliant Invader 95 thank you.

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Many Thanks for them photos Per-jarle i have a idea what they look like now i am going to convert a ecm pod from the hasegawa weopons set i have i have searched all the web but could not find any pictures or drawings of these pods so again many thanks kind regards Craig ( Lightning)..

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Hello Everyone!

This is a very interresting thread as I would like to build one as well.


I worked as a weapons systems enineer in the Norwegian air force in the mid ninetees and on one of my few visits to 336 sqn I stumbled over a rather neat looking twin-rack that had been designed locally by a guy that I spoke to. He said it was designed to carry TWO jammer pods on the centerlinerack of the F-5B. By the looks of it it had been flown a few times but for some reason it was withdrawn from use. I beleive it was because it was hampered by electrical problems (coffee lounge rumors). It was installed in place of the usual centerline rack and was very flat and wide. Unfortunately I have never seen a photo of it but I could probably make a crude sketch from memory. It was flat because it did not contain MAU-12's which contains the mechanism for jettisoning stuff.

We always removed the charges in the racks (F-16) when carrying jammer pods because you wanted them to go down with the airplane and be destroyed if it went down. less chance of anybody finding out what is inside it that way I suppose..


I also spoke to one of the "sparks" that used to be involved in EW as I was as well for a very short while, and he said the jammer was only ever used on the F-5B as it needed to be operated from the back seat (it is/was also used on the F-16 when they practised penguin missions). However the F-5B's often operated in conjunction with the F-5A's that would carry the chaff pods. I witnessed the F-5A chaff pod combo fly with the DA-20 falcon jammers many a time.


Hope someone find it interresting...



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Hi There Espen many thanks for that information i had read somewhere that there was a double pylon for carrying two ECM pods but i have never seen it. The only picture i have seen of the chaff pods they where on a 336 sqn f-5a although i have seen them on a f-5b when taking part in a air defence excercise in Denmark ( Tactical Fighter Weoponry) i beleive. I have always been interested in RnorAF fighters but finding pictures of them on there home airfields fitted with training ordanance has always been difficult.again many thanks for that information kind regards lightning

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