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Hvordan gikk deg?

Ragnar Eckhoff

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Uoffisiell liste over resultater:



G Kyrre Ingebrethsen – HAF F-104G

S Torgeir Eikeland – Caudron-Renault714

B Rune Haugen – Mig 3


G  Bernt Uttakleiv – Bf 109 F-4

S Rune Haugen  Bf 109 K-4

B Geir Hogga Ki-46 Dinah



G Torgeir Eikeland Bf 109 G-6

S Bernt Uttakleiv  Bf 109 G-6

B Bernt Uttakleiv Fw 190 A-2



G  Ragnar Eckhoff Lockheed F-104 G Starfighter

S  Geir Hogga  Mig-23 MF

B Stein Arne B Brunsby – F-14A Tomcat VF-2



G Ole Kjensmo P47D Thunderbolt

S Ragnar Eckhoff Douglas DC-3

B Ole Kjensmo Avro Shavkleton AEW.2

B Ole Kjensmo DH.82A Tiger Moth



G Ole Kjensmo F-16 CJ

S William Husquet F-102A Delta Dagger

B William Huswuet SU-33 Flamker-D



G Morten Syvertsen- Kingforce

S Rune Haugen – PT-76

B Tommy Myrland – NM-125 81 mm BK-vogn



G Geir Hogga Cadillac V-100

S Kenneth Hallgren  Iveco Lmv Lince

B Rune Haugen Hummer



G Rune Haugen  Tiger I Early

S Rune Haugen Su-122

B Stein Arne Stenberg Cromwell Mk IV



G Kjell Terje Trones -64 Chevrolet Impala

S Marius Moe BMW 635 Cab

B Kjell Terje Trones 39 Chevy Delivery



G Marius Moe BMW M635CSi

S Marius Moe BMW 320 / e21

B Marius Moe BMW 320dAT



G Ole Kjensmo Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V

S Ole Kjensmo Toyota 88C

B Jan Erik Johansen Ford Fiesta RS WRC



G Ole Kjensmo Ducati 1199 Panigale S

S Kjell Terje Trones Honda Motocompo

B Jørgen Faret Ducati 900 NCR



G Roy Pedersen The Old Fiddler

S Roy Pedersen Of base

B Gonzalo Davila Ruiz El Quijote



G Stein Atle Stenberg The Searcher

S Roy Pedersen Old Soldier…

B Roy Pedersen Thantor



G Gonzalo Davila Ruiz  Amo del Calabozo

S Roy Pedersen After the Battle

B Roy Pedersen Viking Rage



G Ronny Øygard Out of Service

S Roy Pedersen Clever Hunter

B Roy Pedersen The end of days

B Ronny Øygard D7 Dozer



G Stein Gilberg Bismarck

S Morten Brevik X-Craft

B Rune H Træet PBR Pibber


G Carl Ivar Oscar II Class

S Arthur Sortland Kolsrud BAE Hawk

B Arthur Sortland Kolsrud Apache


G Geir Hogga SA-2 Guideline

S Stein Ragnar Pünther Mercury capsule MA-6

B Morten Brevik AT-ST



G Tor Henning Engen 26 T-Ford

S Kenneth Hallgren M26 Dragon Wagom

B Jan Erik Johansen Eurocopter 145



G William Husquet Su-33 Flanker D

S Olek Kjensmo DH.82a Tiger Moth

B Stein Atle Stenberg Diana Venatrix


Tomahawk – Ole Kjensmo P-40 B Tomahawk

BIS Senior + Deltakerprisen Stein Gilberg Bismarck

BIS Junior Carl Ivar

Beste Norske Forbilde - Ragnar Eckhoff Lockheed F-104 G Starfighter


Motivasjonsprisen – Espen Hoff

Stå på prisen – Kim Brantenberg

3-Kamp – Ole Kjensmo

5-Kamp – Jørgen Faret


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