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I`m new here, so at first I`d like to introduce myself. My name is Piotr, 24 years old, I live in Poland, Szczecin. I`m learning Norwegian, so I hope, that reading this forum will help me improving my language skils:) I also hope, that soon I`ll start writing posts in Norwegian, but for now I`ll be using english.


First model I`d like to show You is card model Fokker E V, scale 1/33. Polish Air Force used few captured german Fokkers E V during Polish-Russian war in 1919 and 1920. Those planes were used shortly, in 1926 only one Fokker E V left. Fokker E V was first plane, that had polish identyfication signs (red and white chequered) painted on wings and fuselage. Model represents plane flown by famous polish pilot Stefan Bastyr.


th_fokker1-1.jpg th_fokker1-2.jpg th_fokker1-3.jpg

th_fokker1-4.jpg th_fokker1-5.jpg th_fokker1-6.jpg

th_fokker1-7.jpg th_fokker1-8.jpg th_fokker1-9.jpg



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Hi, and welcome to the forum!


I like your model! There is not very many traces of this being a cardmodel! How did you make the propeller and the cowling (engine shroud?)? I like cardmodels! I specially like the fact that you don't have to use a airbrush and a whole lot of maskingtape!


Good work! and good luck learning norwegian!

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Thanks for kind words:-) Engine shroud is made of cardboard, filled with putty and painted. I had to do this, becouse Fokker is old model (published in 1998) and so many parts are much simplificated. This shroud for excample consisted of three parts only. Propeller is made of strip of wood. But I have found a better way of making "wooden" propellers using only several stripes of brown and light-orange cardboard. It is much easier to shape than wood and it looks better.

I have used "wooden" propeller made of cardboard in this Nieuport 11.



Kjell, I also don`t like using airbrush, because it has to be cleand after each use, and to clean it throghly takes a lot of time. 

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