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Norwegian Percival Proctor airplanes

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Hello, friends !


I read, that Percival Proctor aircrafts were used by many countries, including Norway.

The sources writes about one Norwegian Proctor at least, which was registered as LN-TVM.


Maybe, there were more Proctor airplanes, used by Norwegian aviation ?


Who can help me with any images of LN-TVM (photos, profiles) and other Proctors ?




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There was only one in Norway:

Percival P.30 Proctor Mk. II H.180 LN-TVM


Percival P.30 Proctor Mk.II (H.180) 1941  Previously BV636(RAF)/G-ALGG

Reg 04.05.49 to Odvar Korsvold, Fornebu

49 landing accident in Oran, Marokko

25.09.49 accident Lier

06.03.50 sold to Harald Wiik-Hansen, Blommenholm.

Canceled 24.08.50, sold as SE-BTE (cld 040652, scrapped)


Percival P.40 Prentice - LN-BWO




Knut Erik


I have pictures of a Proctor in Belgian AF markings if it is of interest.


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OK, dear sir Jan H Vold !


Thank You for this link !

I see, that LN-TVM has interesting colour scheme...


Sadly, the image is very-very small... :(

It is good, that this Proctor has BIG letters "LN-TVM" on fuselage.

(In another case, it could to have small letters "LN-TVM" on it's tail (as on some Australian or Belgian Proctors, for example) - and we never have know, that this Proctor is LN-TVM exactly).


Thanks !


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