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Contributing model pics for Calender Showcase

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I wanted to know how many of you guys & gals were interested in contributing high quality pics of your model for a Calender Showcase? I am not going to make any profit off of this. I will setup the format, add the pics and authors of the models themselves and choose the optional holidays to be added, then put it up for you all to purchase one. The only cost will be the cost to print and the postage & Handling charge to a place of your destination. That's simple. I've included an example using ome member's models to show you how it will look. Check out the examples below:


If you interested then make a post and pm me your high quality pics with full name. Please remember to take a clear pic of your model showing a full view of it. Remember, if you send out a not so clear pic, you will get exactly the same when you print it. So keep that in mind.


Calender specs:



13.5" x 19" gloss white paper $23.83 (this is the price for one calender which includes 12 months. Includes months from january to December)


11" x 17" $12.72 (this is the price for one calender which includes 12 months. Includes months from january to December) This is a smaller size calender without the gloss white paper. This is of course cheaper.



Pictures resolution should be above 200dpi otherwise the pics would be pixalated when blown up.


Take a look at this example of the Calender:



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That's an excellent idea!  Sadly, I lack the photograph skills.. Although my school probably has a studio, and top notch cameras, it's a little too much dragging the model I have in mind..


Ohwell, good luck with the project! I may even look into getting one!  :thumb:



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