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I'm new to this forum, my name is Roger Symons and I live in the south of the UK in Dorset. I am working at present in Canada and make 1/72 scale models. My present them is the Norwegian Air Force to which end I have collected kits of Gloster Gladiator, Spitfire XI, T33, Vampire and F104 single and twin seat variants. I visited the museum at Gardemoen during the time it was closed for redevelopement and some airframes were being prepared for transfer to Bodo. I'm sure that as the project very slowly evolves I will have lots of questions that I hope I can answer with your help. Lookiong forward to my stay here



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I can probably help you with some walk-arounds of RNoAF museum aircraft done with modeling in mind.

Living close to Gardermoen and usually visiting Bodo every year or so I can also add to coverage as needed.


It is easy for me to stick images on a DVD and send it by mail, the only condition is that the images should not be uploaded to the web or distributed in other ways without my consent.


You can send me a PM with your Email adress and what aircraft you are primarily interested in and I will see what I can do for you  - please be aware that I can be slow in answering as I work offshore in Asia and spend 200+ days away from home.




Knut Erik


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Sorry I havn't been around of late but I have had problems with my computer!!!! :'(


Many thanks to you all for your offers of help with information I am sure that as time goes on I will take you up. :)


Here are a couple of photos of my Gladiator and Spitfire XI, Matchbox and MPM respectivley








Hope you like them, they have both been built in my hotel room which is not an ideal workroom and I do not have all my modelling tools to hand just the basics. Painting is mainly by brush as I can only run an airbrush from propellant cans and that is an expensive way, also the smell can be a bit much without the proper ventilation. Aircraft codes and serials will have to wait until I'm back home in December as I don't have my decal bank with me.


Knut Thanks for the offer of images on DVD I will remember your offer, time scale is not important to me as I am a slow builder!!


All the best



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