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RF-84 Thunderflash

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Hi There

I am about to start my RF-84 Thunderflash kit,but i am not to sure about the colour scheme.I have a decal sheet which says the colours are nato dark green/grey with pru blue undersides,but i am not to sure as i cannot find pictures,would anyone be so kind as to help me out with the colour scheme, i mainly use humbrol paints so a referance to those paints would be most helpful.

                            Kind Regards

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Hi Craig,


The RNoAF Thunderflashes have had three different paint schemes. First they were dekivered on Bare Metal Finish (and T3 squadron codes), Then they were camouflaged in NATO Dk.Green, Dk.Grey and PRU Blue (still with T3 codes). Finally the undersides were repainted with aluminium paint and the squadron codes were changed to AZ.


I can help you with some photos. However I will not be able to do so before the week after next, because I'm about to leave home for a week's vacation.




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The Norwegian RF's were originally bare metal with T3- codes.These codes were carried over when the planes were camouflaged.Codes were later changed to the more familiar AZ later on.


When Richard L. Ward was going to make a Norwegian "PRU Blue" RF in the late 70's for his Modeldecal range,I provided him with much info.


The planes were painted by Aviolanda in Holland,as were the Dutch,Belgian and possibly all or some of Luftwaffe's F/RF-84's. It would therefore be natural to assume the Norwegian birds were painted with these colours,as well.At least this is what Richard and I thought until I managed to scrape off paint chips off AZ-S located at Banak A.F.B. The paint was still fairly glossy and "fresh" in places and the green colour was matched almost perfectly by Humbrol US Olive Drab from their Authentics series.The Grey,or Bluegrey rather,was almost a perfect match by Neutral Gray.The actual colour chip was a shade more blue in tone.At a distance it was difficult,almost impossible,to discern between the two colours,the blue tone dominating and therefore the most likely reason for the belief that the Norwegian RF's were painted PRU Blue with bare metal,later light grey (?) undersurfaces.Exactly what specifications were for these colours is not possible to determine today,as the T.O. for the RF is missing. A 717 Sqn mechanic I spoke to in 1978 said that during engine starts,there was a possibility of jet fuel leaking onto the tarmac and igniting,scorching the underside paint.Stocks of these paints were not held by the Materiel Command at Kjeller,but flown into Rygge A.F.B. by USAF transports from U.K. Most likely the top colours were American products,as well.


Photos of German,Dutch and Belgian F/RF-84's,Sabres,Starfighters with the NATO RAL-colours all show a more distinct contrast between the upper surface colours than on the Norwegian ones.



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I'm not mentioning the PRU blue underside scheme at all.It was a short-lived scheme,anyway.What I'm trying to say is that they were not in the standard NATO colours in their final scheme.The upper surface colours were almost impossible to distinguish from another at a distance,with the bluish shade of the grey dominating.This led to the profile of a "PRU Blue RF-84 in the old "Sentinel of the Fjords" article in Flying Review in the early 70's.The Norwegian planes were also mentioned as being PRU Blue in the Aircam volume on the F/RF.In this booklet one can see several photos of other NATO F/RF's but the upper surface colours are easily distiguishable from another,but the Norwegian one seems to have a solid colour.This led Richard and me to be convinced that Norwegian RF's were not painted in standard NATO colours.



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