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Hjelp til USA, TF-104, mottatt på klubbmailen

Guest Jan Erik Johansen

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Guest Jan Erik Johansen

Fra: Earl Hosmer <earlhosmer@comcast.net>




sorry for the use of English...hopefully someone can read this lol  Im looking for info on markings for the Norwegian AF TF-104 Starfighters.  Im building one as part of a planned F-104 Group build here in the United States...our theme is "Starfighters over Europe"  I need an accurate aircraft number(s) for TF-104 in Norwefgian service, either in Natural Metal or Green/Grey late camo.  Any info on weapons loadouts/types would be appreciated as well.  From one modeler to another thanks for any help!


Hvis noen kan hjelpe??


:) Janse

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TF-104G , Lockheed Construction Number 583C-5509

331 Squadron code FN-Z 1963-1970

Crashed 17-nov-1970 at Aalborg Airbase, Denmark. The plane hit the ground only seconds after takeoff.

The pilot ejected safely, but the passenger  was killed.This was the first Norwegian Starfighter loss ,after

operating Starfighter since aug 1963.The pilot who ejected safely  was involved in the 10-feb-1971 accident

short time later.He flew Starfighter  FN-D and was killed on the spot.


source: www.starfighter.no




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