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Tor Netterby

Welcome to C4-Open in Malmö, SWEDEN

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Soon it’s time again for C4-Open – Scandinavia’s nicest event for scale models and for modellers alike. This years C4-open is

held 26-27 October at Kockum Fritid in Malmö.
The address is: Västra Varvsgatan 8, Malmö and this just about 400 meters from our old place. A great advantage is

Kockum Fritid has got it’s own restaurant and ample parkering facilities for our visitors.


C4-Open opening hours:
Saturday 26/10, kl 10 - 16
Sunday 27/10, kl 10 - 17.
Read more about it here: www.c4-open.se


Space – this years Theme Class



We will celebrate it’s 50 years since man first put a foot on the surface of the moon. "One small step for a man,

one giant leap for mankind”. We want every kind of space objects in this class!


Two new classes:
Ö3: Science Fiction, all scales
Ö4: Caricature Models (i e ”Egg Planes” and similar), all scales

SIG's – Special Interest Groups 2019
This theme is outside the ordinary competition. You are all welcome to join in here.


SIG: Arab Israeli Wars
The Middle East has been a theatre for numerous conflicts since 1948 up till today.
If you want to contribute to this SIG, e-mail Jacob de Maré. E-mail: jacob_de_mare[at]hotmail.com





SIG: Swedish aeroplanes
This is all about Swedish ”aeronautica” whether it’s civilian or military objects. This year there will be section for all

aircrafts from foreign nations including aerobatic teams visiting Sweden over the years. Do you want to participate?

Send an e-mail to: andersson.aviation[at]gmail.com





Welcome to C4-Open 2019! Or as we often say: CU@C4!!!
A new place, but still the same cozy competition!


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